Was your last ISP always sending back busy signals? Or maybe they were just biting into your wallet a little more than you had expected! Glide Internet can provide you with fast, easy access to the exploding information highway for less than you probably expect.

Let us hook you into the Internet for just unbelievable amount ! Before you know it, you'll be traveling the world, meeting new people and tapping into a vast information network all from your own home.

So Choose your Package Now ! Get Connected and Stay Connected !

Glide Internet Services offers you various Dialup packages under the following categories to suit your Internet needs:

1. Limited Usage Packages

2. Unlimited Usage Packages

3. Special Offers Packages

Report a Problem

We respond to help requests and trouble reports as quickly as we can. Whether you just need an explanation, or whether there's an actual problem with the system, we want to hear from you. We will do our best to fix the problem, provide a work-around, or explain what is happening. Our customer support hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We encourage everyone to be self-empowered and learn as much as they can about their computing experience through the Internet. We are doing everything that we can to make sure that we have some of the best online help pages available. A quick online search may achieve quicker results than a phone call or an e-mail.

If you can not find an answer to something within the realm of our support, we need to know. This help system was created one question at a time, and we'll be adding to it forever. If we ask "Did you try the help system?" we're not picking on you - we're trying to improve our service.

When you are reporting a problem, please be as descriptive as possible. Include anything that could conceivably be relevant:

1. Date and time the problem started

2. Any configuration changes that occured in that time-frame

3. Any software that was installed when the problem started to occur.

4. The name of the application you were using when you saw the problem

5. The service that you were using (dial-up, mail, news, telnet/shell)

6. The error message you saw. Write down the error number as well.

7. Any coincidences that you have noticed.

Being able to copy and paste what you're seeing into an e-mail message to us is a plus! Specific information is extremely helpful. For example, if you receive three mail problems in an 8-hour day, and they're all from Patiala, that's very diagnostic

Gather all the above information and mail it


Are you stuck somewhere ? Need any help? Find it here.

Select the channel or the service that's bothering you, mail us your problem and read what we have to say.

If your query is still unanswered, call us at our 24 Hours Customer Care at:

09814196779, 0172-2784352, 0172-2784163, 0172-4658162:

We promise to get back to you with in 24 hours of receipt of the query.

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